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Among Us (Among As)

Release Date: Nov 16 2018
Genre: Casual
Developer: Innersloth
Publisher: Innersloth
Platform: Windows
Edition type: Repack
Interface language: Russian / English / MULTI 6
Voice language: –
Tablet: sewn

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: SSE2 instruction set support
DirectX: Version 10
Disk space: 250 MB

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Game description:

When you prefer various tests based on betrayal and hidden danger, then you should definitely take advantage of our next offer in the form of a cult adventure in the vastness of space. Regarding the situation, you will simply become a member of one small team that is preparing to fly. At first, you have to collect various things, be zealous in thinking through all the available actions and evenly move towards the intended goal. True, there will be a limited time for the training camp, so we invite you to gather your ideas and try to achieve a suitable effect. Although you should not think that this will all be easy, since there will certainly be a villain in the middle of your team.

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The intrigues of the whole team
As you already guessed, the villain who will be among your team will do everything to harm and try to thwart all your intentions. He will hide objects, set up nasty situations and try to arrange everything in such a way that your adventure at first would not be so favorable. By the way, when at first the villain fails to make problems, then no one prevents him from arranging this, being already surrounded by a spacious cosmos. Likhodey will be able to work secretly, or transform into a monster, the choice is not limited by anything. Therefore, it is worth being as sensitive as possible, since you will not always need to play as a hero, from time to time you may fall into the role of the villain himself. And to find out your own luck, you just need to download Among Us via torrent on a PC in Russian and just start acting.

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Heavy work
As for the main character, we want to invite you to pay attention to a whole bunch of obligations that you have to fulfill together with your friends. For example, initially it is planned that you will monitor the state of the flight, adjust various characteristics and just try to perfectly use all the available abilities. In addition to the main obligations, it is necessary to solve the difficulties that the villain will organize. Your main superiority in this case will be that you will have the opportunity to identify the villain and try to correctly adopt the moment in order to have time to deal with all the cases. Although do not rush to take decisions, because sometimes you can accurately find the main villain in space. And when you are ready to start, we recommend downloading the Among Us torrent on your PC and start achieving your goals.

Space will be something special and fascinating to you. It will be enough just to settle in a galactic ship and try to achieve a suitable effect. The flight is planned to be very long, so you should be careful and try not to make mistakes in fulfilling your obligations.

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Distinctive features of the game
– A high level of fervor of the game, especially if you comply with the condition that you have the opportunity to fall out of the role of a villain.
– Absolute freedom of actions in the performance of various tasks.
– Individual inventory and the ability to interact with the environment.
– Serious struggle within the team.

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