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Brawl Stars

Release year: 2018
Category: Arcade / Adventure / Shooter / Action
Publisher: Supercell
Developer: Supercell
Interface language: Russian English
Voice language: Russian, English
Tablet: Not required

System requirements
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10
Processor: Intel or AMD
HDD: free space 5GB

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Game description:

The original arcade-style virtual project with cartoony design is saturated with non-standard game situations in which you will have to form a team of players in order to collect the main materials – crystals all the time. The more crystals you manage to collect, the faster you can complete the level. This is a team project where you need to collect resources as quickly as possible. If you want to appreciate all the advantages of this game project, then go to our Internet portal to download Brawl Stars torrent on PC for free. During the gameplay, you will attack your rivals, collect valuable materials, and everything else, try on the role of a thief. After all, one of the assigned tasks will be the theft of various materials and valuable artifacts from the enemy. Use any means to rob. You can shoot, blow up the boxes and chests of your opponents and at the same time get profit and bonuses in the game. During the gameplay, you will need to gather gamers into your team, because the presented game project has an exciting multiplayer mode. You must collect the maximum number of crystals in order to increase the expanses of your territories for further activities. Additional bonuses, colorful characters and much more awaits you in this project.

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For a long period of time, there was only one way people could enjoy co-op projects. It is to be in the same room, because then the Internet had limited possibilities. And in order to be able to play with each other, you had to be physically present in the same room, using one device to connect everyone to the gameplay. But over time, the Internet began to develop and received new opportunities, so now you can safely play in this mode even if you are at a great distance from each other. Thus, you can connect any gamer from anywhere in the world to the game. It will even be people completely unknown to you. So join this project and appreciate it.

In multiplayer mode, you can connect your friends and compete with real players to take over their territory. The main thing here is teamwork, because this way you will have more chances to defeat your opponent. You can use different skills to increase your overall success in business. In this mode, the gameplay becomes more entertaining and interesting, it allows you to have fun in a good company. One of the possible 3v3 model options that you will definitely like is the battle. During the battle itself, you will collect gems that appear on the battlefield. When you get 10 gems, the countdown to victory starts. Each team tries to spur the others on to see if someone has all 10 stones. Therefore, the competition will be as exciting as possible, you just need to start playing.

The team that collects all the stones will try to move closer to the original location. There they will have more chances for a victorious result, because they have already achieved their goal. The opponent does everything possible to prevent this, and tries to knock out the jewels so that the battle lasts as long as possible. From the outside, it looks extremely funny and exciting, so you can definitely get a lot of fun. You will appreciate the feature that in the game you do not need to go through everything alone, and the main task will be to return to your “home”, so to speak. This will be as much fun as possible and you will also have to hinder the other teams if you see them moving towards their starting points. Therefore, this game has received a large number of positive reviews.

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Team fight
For those who were looking for something similar to the royal battle, then a full-fledged team option is what you need. Everything will happen as follows: all members of your group will oppose the opponent in order to completely eliminate him and receive a reward of 100 coins. They will be listed as part of the loot received. Therefore, you should start playing actively now in order to quickly achieve a positive outcome. To start the gameplay, each gamer contributes 100 coins, then the competition starts. So your hero will have something to lose in battle. You can call it as an entry fee, thanks to which you get the opportunity to become a participant in the battle, and the end result will be to collect the entire box created for the winner.

Every time you start a confrontation, there is a risk of losing the staked coins. Therefore, it is better to win, because then you get a reward. The rewards can be coins, upgrades for your hero, and upgrades that will make your character much stronger. Or for them it will be possible to purchase the desired improvements. Do not waste time in vain, it is better to start actively competing now in order to hit the big jackpot. As soon as the official release of the presented game project was released, it immediately gained immense popularity among the gaming audience. And not only the ability to play one on one has become a hallmark of Brawl Stars for PC, but also the multiplayer functionality, with which you can choose a player from anywhere in the world.

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If you have ever played projects with multiplayer mode before, then you will definitely get one of the best games on the interactive market right now. Thanks to the different game modes where you can fight, you will realize that this is what makes the game special. You’ll love the variety of layouts and scenarios, the ability to play as a team, and the chance to upgrade your character to be stronger and more flexible. The creator company has been releasing innovative and exciting game projects for a long time, but this game has become the best. All because of the way of development, graphic design, the ability to play in multiplayer mode. The game is more intended for smartphones and tablets, so you won’t be able to play it on a PC. To do this, you need to install a special emulator and then start the game.

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