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Release Date: Nov 12, 2020
Genre: Adventure
Developer: Young Horses
Publisher: Young Horses
Platform: PC
Edition type: Repack
Interface language: Russian / English / MULTI
Voice language: English
Tablet: Not required (DRM-Free)

System requirements:
OS: Windows 7 / 8 / 10 (64-bit)
Processor: Intel Quad Core 2.6 Ghz or equivalent
Video Card: 2GB DirectX 11 (Intel UHD 620, NVIDIA GT 920M)
Disk space: 7 GB

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Game description:

Today it is easy to organize plans for the evening, if it comes to choosing a decent game with a unique universe, then the choice stops at Bugsnax. All events unfold on the island of Snacks. Yes, the name is intriguing and the game will appeal to true connoisseurs of the genre. Even before its announcement, Bugsnax became the object of jokes, because the names in the game and the plot itself are very original. Running strawberries and a walrus-like main character are not all Bugsnax heroes. Various food creatures are hiding in the vast world that you need to explore and catch them. The project will appeal to players with a sense of humor, in addition, the game is beautiful, boasts excellent graphics. The center of events is the town on the island of Snaxburg. In addition to various oddities that can at least somehow be explained, sandwich cakes run around the city. You play the role of a researcher who visits a farmer as part of his own expedition. Kind wonderful character Elizabeth will tell about what happened here. But first, you need to download Bugsnax torrent in Russian.

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In the game’s trailer, you’ve seen Megafruit, a walrus that represents a special race of hrumbs. She decided to build a small settlement on the island, but for this you need to study the beetles. Who is this? You have to deal with this and other issues. You go to interview Elizabeth and meet many different bizarre animals that look like half bugs, half food. Such creatures have never been seen before. The game has a bright design and will delight gamers with casual humor. Initially, animals lived on the island, which, after an unusual mutation, received nutritional characteristics and appearance. Why talk so much about the game when you can download Bugsnax to your computer with a Russian torrent and go in search of bugs.

It may happen that upon arrival on the island, you will find that Elizabeth has disappeared. The walrus camp was destroyed, something terrible happened to the inhabitants of the island. In search of the researcher, do not lose vigilance. If you delay, then your body will gradually turn into food and the inhabitants of the settlement will forever be lost to civilization. Something unusual is happening on the island, beetles are amazingly tasty, you don’t want to part with them. The news that Filbo will report will certainly upset you, but this is only an impetus to action. Khrumbs have left the settlement and now you need to collect the entire collection of living food. Don’t waste your time, Bugsnax torrent download latest version you can right now.

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What causes these mutations? This is what you have to figure out. Scanned individuals are recorded in a special journal. If the creature was trapped, a check mark is placed next to it. Watch how these entertaining creatures behave. They have unique abilities, some can freeze the location, others can thaw, and much more. The island is divided into sectors that need to be explored. You can freely move around the locations, use all the available add-ons and get the most out of the game.

Original characters are waiting for you: an insect that looks like ice cream, a glazed snail with delicious glaze, a worm that looks like a hot house and others. A lot of humor, a unique plot, bright design and a pleasant atmosphere are the key advantages of the game.

You will have at your disposal a nymoscope – a special scanner, with which you can explore locations, study the inhabitants of the island and learn a lot of new things. The dialogue and names of creatures in Bugsnax are well-optimized and humorous.

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