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Release date: May 23rd. 2017
Genre: Action, RPG
Developer: Nik Nak Studios
Publisher: Nik Nak Studios
Interface language: English Russian
Voice language: –
Tablet: sewn

System requirements:
OS: Windows XP or later
Processor: 2.0 GHz dual core
Video card: 1 GB, OpenGL 2.0+
Disk space: 1GB

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Game description:

Games related to the battle royale genre have appeared quite recently. However, they have already managed to gather a huge audience of fans. Geneshift is no exception. The plot of the game is extremely simple: players land within the map and start getting armor and weapons for themselves in order to survive. It would seem that everything is quite simple, however, as was customary in the “royal battles”, the playing field gradually begins to decrease, thereby forcing the players to move more actively around the map. This not only makes the gameplay more fun, but also adds a much-loved competitive side. After all, there are many players, and there can only be one winner.

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Literally anything can act as a weapon here. These are, for example, vehicles that, under certain circumstances, turn into an excellent ram. Hand-to-hand combat is also implemented at the highest level – whether you hit the enemy with a fist or a bat is up to you and your luck. Well, if we talk about firearms, then the game features almost the entire range of firearms that exist in our time. This can include various laser and rocket launchers, machine guns and grenade launchers, machine guns, rifles and much more.

The primary and, perhaps, the most important goal facing the player is survival. Not everyone can reach the end; this requires both a certain skill and a share of luck. However, the pleasure of winning in a game where the stakes are so high is also very great. Agree, anyone will be pleased to be the best among a couple of dozen players on the server. However, do not forget that the path to the top is thorny and dangerous. The area of ​​free movement is constantly narrowing, and the tension is only growing. The main thing to remember is that all means are good to win and that there are no friends in games of this genre!

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