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Game description:

Dragons are rightfully considered one of the most mystical and mysterious creatures of the fantasy world; these majestic creatures personify strength and power, nobility and deceit. They are endowed with power, they are loved and hated. One thing can be said with certainty – even if they cause controversial disputes, they cannot be treated with indifference. They become films and animated films, game developers also try to use these characters to make their projects incredibly spectacular. Game developers do not miss the opportunity to bring powerful opponents together in a spectacular, hot battle. X box One users will now also be able to enjoy the delightful creations that have become participants in impressive events.

Talented game developers from Platinum Games, led by renowned author Hideki Kamiya, are creating Scalebound, a platform game that promises to be intriguing, unpredictable, and truly mesmerizing. Players will be able to play the role of a hero named Drew, a guy with ambition, who will have to save a fantasy, virtual world from certain death. The danger comes from the forces of darkness. The faithful dragon Tuban will become his faithful assistant and protector.

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An incredibly beautiful and colorful fairy-tale world of Draconis, which is in mortal danger. The awakened evil every minute sucks strength out of him, everything around him rapidly begins to fade. Every cell of the world is filled with darkness. Drew, an ordinary boy who got into Draconis by coincidence. Only he can change the situation and save the inhabitants. To help him pass all the tests, you just need to download Scalebound via torrent for free, using the convenient menu of our website.

Project Features:
– Players will be able to freely travel and explore the open world. You will be able to enjoy the incredible beauty of landscapes, bewitching landscapes with unknown flora and fauna, as well as learn the secrets of Draconis, although sometimes they can carry a mortal danger, so be careful.
– You can go on an adventure in the company of other players, but in this case you will not be able to go through the entire storyline, but you will have access to the most dangerous places where you are guaranteed to tickle your nerves.
– Slashers are often created with an intricate system that involves many buttons and their combinations, it is worth noting that Scalebound offers a fairly simple and understandable combat algorithm, thanks to which you can apply all available combos, cooperate with a dragon and participate in unrealistically bright action games.
– One of the advantages is the ability to choose a winged partner for yourself, to be more precise, you can choose the type – Earth, Fire or Water Dragon. The function of combining variations is also available, but do not forget that the available skills and abilities that will take the lead during battles directly depend on this.

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The project introduced innovative technologies to create a graphic space. You will be able to enjoy the colorful, accurate and simply unreal graphics of the new generation. This spices up the gameplay and takes platforming to the next level. It is worth noting that you can download the Scalebound torrent to your computer. You cannot miss such an unusual game that allows you to go through the most difficult tests of the fantasy world, make friends with the dragon and compete with your friends in dexterity, skill and tactical skills.

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