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Game description:

While escaping from a deadly ritual of sacrifice, you discover an ancient, mysterious mask along the way. It contains powerful knowledge that will change the world as you know it. Challenge the cruel nature, survive, rally followers and form your own clan. Study and discover the truth hidden behind the mysterious mask.

Survival games have long held a prominent place in the gaming industry, offering immersive open-world experiences filled with trials and tribulations. This project emphasizes a realistic survival environment while delivering an intriguing narrative filled with an atmosphere of mystery and faith, infused with a primitive and prehistoric setting. In the role of the chosen one, endowed with a mysterious mask, players navigate this primitive world. Your journey starts with practically nothing. As you explore, you’ll begin to build your foothold, recruit tribesmen to strengthen your clan’s powers, and ultimately uncover hidden truths about civilizations.

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The project boasts immersive environments full of many realistically depicted creatures. It depends on the gamer whether he will become the dominant predator or fall victim to the formidable wildlife. The idea of ​​survival promotes the need to adapt, cultivate wisdom, and climb the food chain or face the brutality of the jungle. Choose your path and don’t forget to download Soulmask torrent on PC.

– Find your way and survive.
– Lead the tribe.
– Dominate through varied, physics-based combat.

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